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((And now for my belated entrance ))


Aeriv Darkholme
Race: Human
Age: 28
Bio: Aeriv represents House Raven. With new advances in technology such as the Coruscanti hyperdrives, Aeriv sees this as a good time to be in a position of power in the galaxy.

Quiv Set
Race: Genetically Engineered Human
Bio: Quiv comes from a group of genetically altered humans who colonized a planet after the creator of the experiment had died. His skin is covered in faint scales, which shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow in right lighting. His not-quite-human slitted eyes contribute even more to his eerieness. He represents House Slythen.


*Aeriv simply smiles, looking round at the other delegates. The overdramatism coming from all sides amused him greatly, and he could tell from the expression of his companion that it amused him too, but annoyed him as well. Quiv stands*

Quiv: The Houses of Darkholme agreed to attend this meeting because we expected that the other houses had something besides petty internal arguments to bring to the table. Am I to understand that I was...mislead?

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