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Holy Hell you're kidding! You don't know what Full Throttle is, possibly one of the best Point n click games around (and I know you like point and click adventures)

basically, you pay Ben, leader of a Motorcycle gang called the Polecats in the wilds of America (this takes place in the near future where cars are hover cars but bikes stay on wheels (and apparently so do the trucks, anyone notice that the truck wasn't a hover truck, I guess it was too heavy))

Anyway, in this time, the only manufacturer of motor vehicles (be they hover or not) was Corley Motors, owned by the very old Malcolm Corley.

Basically, Corley gets killed and Ben and his gang are framed for it, but using quick thinking and a lot of brawn, we find the real heir to the Corley Company and clear our name as well as experience and extremely climactic scene at the end, it's really good, go out now and buys it!

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