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Originally posted by Metallus
Well at the top there are the owners, who founded the forum and who co-own LFNetwork. LFNetwork was formed by a merger of the LucasGames and Mixnmojo networks, and the people in charge are: ZeroXcape, ChrisC3po, and Aristotle from LucasGames, and Jake, Spaff, and DJG (though he's really just a robot who sometimes appears in polls mysteriously ) from Mixnmojo. Although a few of these guys regularly visit the forums, some are too busy with other sites to take an active part in forum management on a regular basis. These are the guys who fix the forum when the database decides to puke.

There are other admins like who do random stuff in the background like fix people's accounts, put in hacks, and other such junk. Swoosh and Jackal are from the LucasGames network and mainly the forum design work, though Swoosh founded the SW discussion forum and TheJackal set up the 20th anniversary forum (remember that?). Jake and I also do design work on the forums when we have time.
wow, thanks Metallus, a straight correct answer, i found that interesting, so thats why most of you admins have or, or mixnmojo in your, your website thing, im also wondering then since you explained most of everyones job to make this, what did







what did they all do?

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