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LF newspaper

Hello forumeers and forumets, im Father Torque. I came up with the Daily Swamp newspaper about a month ago. Everything was peachey I had a staff of 15 swampies including reporters, photographers)photo getters(editors, head descision makers, pay role consultants. It all fell apart when the paper deadline was past. Everything went to pieces. So im coming here to suggest that we have an LF paper, were more dedicated people will report and inform LucasForums of news and pictures, I talked to Rhett about pay rolls. Like making money for doing your job. But that was a while back and I dont want to disturd him again. So I am asking for the support of admins to administer pay checks weekly to workers. So if you are dedicated, interested or you think you can contribute to this organization fill out a similar looking application form

LF name:
Job intrest:

And thats all.
See ya round.

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