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Some 'technical' questions about the boards...

NOTE: This may be in the wrong place, but I couldn't find anywhere else to post it. Please move the thread if this is the case.

Okey dokeys,
Although I'm still noobish to these boards, I know the general board-ettiquette thing. However, I've got a few questions about these here particular boards. Don't shout too loud if they're stoopid

1. How does the points system work? Is it a flat number of points allocated per post, or is there another pattern to it?

2. From what I gather, you need a certain amount of points before you can have a signature image, is this right?
What I was wondering was, isn't it possible to post a 'sig-image' at the end of every post, but before your actual sig? Wouldn't that be almost the same thing? Or is that just bad karma? I ain't gonna do it if it'll upset people who've earned their points.

3. Custom Avatars. Very nice idea! As you can see, I've done me own. What I was wondering is the best way for the 'board' to reference it. At the moment, I've got the image 'uploaded' (to the 'local database' I think?). In terms of page-loading time, is this the best way or should I slap it in my webspace and put the link into my options page?

Like I said, I don't want to wind people up like some clueless noob. I'm only a partial noob

Cheers in advance,

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