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A flicker of red light, a noise only tipped him for a second. "Woosh.", the blade activated from behind him, twisting in mid air of it's own accord. Gilliad's now broken body, looking on in wonderment, as the two halves slowly slide apart. The last thing Gilliad would see, as his eyes moved apart on their respective halves, was the wicked grin on Kytel's face.

Such a shame. Had he of ever paid attention to his master, Gilliad might have actually bested him. A great feeling of satisfaction slowly came over him. He came to rescue his student, but this was a far better outcome. Now he was free to take on a new student, his apprentice lying lifeless before him, split from between his legs through his skull. Kytel's lightsaber jumped from the ground to his hand, anxious to return to it's master after a job well done. With that accomplished, Kytel turns to his fellow companion.

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