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so far to date I designed:
their themes appearance
their themes webviews
the logo startup\shut down screens
3 screen savers
today I begin the desktop wallpaper
and finally cause it's fiddly
icons cursors and animated cursors.

then it's time to package and create the
theme itself with all elements included
I will post small thumbnails of the work
so far later today\tonight.

They told me it is going to be released
at all the major film festivals and such.
Sundance (I hope Toronto Film Festival)
that would be wicked cause I might get
to meet Jeff and Lee in person.

I am enjoying doing something for professional use. Normally you ask
and volunteer your services only to be ignored or not taken serious,
Jeff and Lee are the first industry people who have ever responded or said 'yes'
to an offer. It is a job on spec,
but it's something, and sometimes
a little something leads
to other things down the road.

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever
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