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my 2nd guy

Name: 'Inventus'
Age: 34
Occoupation: Scienticst\dark jedi
Race: Human
Weapons:Light sabar and varrious drugs and posions
Apperance: short man with black hair strecked with white strands
Clothes:White lab coat, White Trousers, black trench coat
Hieght: 5'3
Home world: Unnown
Bio: A twisted sciencetist, once a member of the jedi counsol, but fled after his 'experments' were found. He was Obbsesed with creating the perfect jedi killer after his discrace and took many mercanry jobs both as a doctor and many as a warrior. Finally he found a way to combine the force and machine. Many of his experments were on captured humans and all failed to start with. Then he was hired by the empire. They funded his work and gave him the 'paintents' nerrcery to perfect his tecnique. His twisted genius gave birth to the cyborgs kaildor and star. Unfortnatly they were to good and broke out, there hummanity still alive. Star was quickly captuered and reprogramed to bring kaildor in. Inventus can sometimes be found with sith or imperial troops.

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