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OOC: I have a feeling this will end in a Shakespearean fashion. So tragic.....

Blade deactivated, yet still at the ready, Kytel slowly approaches. His mind sifts through the varied energies focused through the area, grasping the one he desired and examining it in depth, within the span of but an instant, a mere blink, he has fully analyzed his opponent. "I am the culmination of the energies you choose to battle.", he states defiantly. "I am the emotion you oppress. The rage you avoid. I...", a mild hesitation as he seems to be distracted," soon to be your undoing.", with that said, his blade ignites.

Twirling, slashing, another Night Sister falls in battle. His last statement directed to her, and not to the man before him. His graceful attack, had severed her arm just above the elbow, cut down through her pelvis, and completed it's pass through her opposing leg just above her thigh. Her body falling in shock, stil in a state of disbelief, still reacting to the electrical impulses that her near lifeless brain was still sending.

He again faces Jodo, "Now where were we before I was so rudely interupted?", pausing for a mere second, "Ah yes." His blade comes to the ready. It's glorious red light reflecting off of his devious and pale face, which now was contorting into a grimace of iniquitous anticipation, combined with a mild amount of satisfaction from his previous kills of the day.

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