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A swarm of heat-flies begin to buzz softly around Jodo's head, their consistant annoyance not detracting from his concentration one bit. Now fully erect, Jodo levels his lightsaber into the en guarde position, the brilliant white blade erasing any shadow from his anguished features. Prodding at his opponent's essence with the Force, Jodo quietly studies him for a moment as the twisted man's words sink in.

He had felt the surge of energy when Gilliad died; a great wave of hate and vehemance engulfed his senses for a single moment, but that single moment was enough. The feeling lingered like oil in pure spring water, festering on the boarders of Jodo's conscience, his mind in turmoil between wanting to somehow save this creature of the Dark Side and wanting to kill him.

Jodo had never felt anything remotely like this before.

Licking his lips - a nervous habit he had picked up among the Cray Claw clan - Jodo slowly circles the Dark Master, pushing the putrid feel of Gilliad's demise from his head with all of his concentration. Finally finding his inner peace, he speaks.

"You know I don't want this to end in somebody's death, and I can't see you would either," he slowly reasons, his eyes fixed firmly on Kytel's. Two dark, evil eyes. "Please, I'll lower my weapon if you do the same. All I ask is that you leave my planet in peace."

Jodo ignores the sounds of Coryan's painful moans behind him as he waits, preparing himself for anything.

Even, he tells himself, to die.
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