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Fused Irvine: "Oh really?"

*A lightsaber flies from Fused Irvine's belt, igniting itself in mid flight into his left hand. He connects this saber on Deac'd second saber. Fused Irvine however did know this this, but this was the same saber that was repaired after the end was sliced off on Raynor, this feature was in plain sight...*


((JM: Considering the time envolved, I'm jsut going fast forward a little.))

*After a short while after the party lands, RH Irvine wonders the halls of his planet, in thought of his father. He knew he was too young to remember him, that is if at one point in time he was in phsyical contact with him...*

*RH Irvine stops walking, then searches his emotions.*

*Several minutes pass by, seemingly no change... He suddenly gasps in awe.*

RH Irvine: "...Father..." "I can sense your energy, but are you alive?'

*RH Irvine turns around and bolts to the reaper, and takes off...*

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