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((Well I donno, I might as well bump this thing, cus I have Jutrok ^_^))

((Although would the mines thread be before or after this? *Important*))

Name: Jutrok
Age: ??
Bio: A loner in the guild, whom is a younger brother of a Jedi whom dissappeared when the Jedi went into hiding. Jutrok attempted to become a Jedi himself at one time, but was envolved in a serious accident casing a large portion of his body to be damaged when he was 16. Now his reconstructed body appears to be nothing more then normal flesh and bone, but one should rather watchout if he turns on you...

Weapons: Profoundly expertised with weapons that he 'installed' on his own body, even to the clan he does not share, only to his 'targets' whom he shares that info... Dead men don't talk...
From that he can almost use a generaly fair amount of weaponry that has a trigger.

(I have thought up with a minimum amount thus far if his weapons that he has (like 2 maybe 3) but If i need to really show it, it'll be shown on the Mine's thread first)))


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