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His mind violently sifting through the thoughts of his opponent, he could only make out two details. One, Jodo was sincere in his offer. Two, the death of Gilliad had had some negative effect on the psyche of his apparent foe. A humorous glimmer spikes the creative juices of the aging Dark Jedi.

"Agreed.", he says, backing away slowly. A small glimmer in his eye. His face contorts ever so slightly as he tries to hide his fiendish plan.

"Didn't like the way the force turned in on itself when he died?", he asked, already knowing the answer. "The ebb and flow of the energy reacts strongly to death,", he chuckles softly, " especially when that death is a fellow Jedi."

A few meters from the forest, and he struck. The corpse of Gilliad flying through the air. An red mist appeared between the quickly approaching halves. Smothering his foe in the blood of the deceased. "Now, not only can you feel it, you can taste it.", his smug regard to the gross defilement was unnerving to say the least. Such a grotesque act, even for a Dark Jedi.

As the red mist clears, Kytel has vanished, along with Coryan. They had now, only one task left. Something Kytel had recently discovered, something he knew how to resolve.

In the forest

"Are you going to make it young student?", he asked Coryan after having mistakenly dropped him while levitating his body out of the area. He had not intended it as it had happened, but he would not admit err on his part. He was growing weaker. His aparrent victory over Gilliad had nothing to do with his strength in the force. He was feeling weaker every day now, yet he had hidden it from his apprentice. His success was sheer intelligence, he saw an opportunity and used it. Any sentient being could have done that, he had not impressed himself. He almost lost his life today, but he would never admit it.

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