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Alone, so terribly alone...

Blood is thicker than water, they say.

Shaking violenlty, his head held in his hands as his knees sink to the rich mossy ground, Jodo Baas wonders just who "they" would be. Covered in the blood of a Dark Jedi, his long brown hair matted to his neck with sweat and gore, Jodo sits where he had been, suddenly alone. His mind running at lightspeed, no single thought has time to conclude before the next, the taint evil permeating Jodo's body both mentally and physically.

What have I done? he asks himself, pulling his head up and looking to the jungle canope for an answer that wasn't there. Blood runs from his chin in rivulets of crimson, splattering on his cupped hands.

Blood that wasn't his.

Blood that belonged to nobody, now.

His body still in shock at Kytel's nightmarish display of power, Jodo dejectedly turns his gaze toward his hands, soundless sobs wracking his chest as tears mix with the acursed blood. In the span of a heartbeat, however, the sobs quiet. His entire body freezes, his frantic and injured psyce jarring to a complete hault. Blinking the blood from his eyes, Jodo stares at his palms, at both of his arms.

They were pale. Very pale.

Slowly staggering to his feet, Jodo manages to clip his lightsaber to his belt. His legs move as if weighed down with cement, refusing to cooperate properly. With a great effort he finally rushes back into the murky half-darkness of the shrouded jungle, the feel of the Dark Jedi's blood on his body seeping into his consciousness like a sponge, making his stomach roil. Stopping a few paces in, the insides of Jodo's stomach spill unhindered into the rough foliage, but the feeling remains.

I can't go back to the clan now, he realizes, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Stumbling onward, unable to perform any of the Jedi calming techniqes he had learned, a dark thought takes hold of Jodo.

I don't belong anywhere, now.

And with that, he begins a walk that will change his life forever, both physically and otherwise.
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