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*As the Titan continues to reeel from the attack, a hyperspace exit suddenly appears on the Imperial and Republics radar. EYes quickly turn to the disturbance, only to see the largest of all Imperial warships, an Eclipse class Star Destroyer.*

Admiral Karrak: This is Admiral Karrak of the Devastator. Grand Admiral, you orders?

*In bewilderment, Tojo is silenced for a second, then snapps out of awe.*

Tojo:Start shooting down those asteroids! Make sure none get to Coruscant!

Admiral Karrak: As you wish. *He turns off the com* Captain, fire turbolaser batteries, bring down those asteroids. Shields up.

*The mighty warships unleashes a salvo, perfectly aimed at the asteroids, obliterating them.*

*Cracken, now frustrated beyond all belief, strikes at the girl, cutting through her neck. He kneeled down, rubbing his temples.*

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