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- Hell no, we won't work! Bogen is a big fat jerk! No more lies! No more lies! Sea bees! Free bees! Sea bees! Free bees! We're strong! We fight! We're fighter bees tonight! All right!

It's the sea bees that's rioting!

- I squeeze down of these tubes like a pixie! How do I get in? Through the door, just like you?

Tube-switcher demon

Use the rag to yourself:
- Say hello, mr. Rag! Hello, mr. Rag!

Use the rag/oily rag in many ways:
- (Snifffff)

- Here, carnal! Smell at this!
- (Sniiffff Snifff) Hmmm... That's a good perfume, Manny! Make sure to add these to my grave.

- Here! Blot this on his forehead!
- He need to fly, not to be dry!
- Sor-ry!

Manny: Hah! "Bust-all", my ass!

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