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His body falls into the chair, nearly incapable of motion, he looks out the viewport while Coryan readies the ship to travel. He had little to say, his body nearly broken from the ordeal, "Back to my homeworld." He knew that the young fledgeling in the force would not question his order. He felt so weak, his face even, had nearly gained twice as many wrinkles as before. He began contemplating what was happenning to him. So as any true follower of the force would, he consulted the ebb and flow of the energy surrounding him.

The vessel made it's way quickly into the atmosphere and out of it even faster. Within a few brief minutes, the nav computer was beeping that the coordinates were set and they were ready to depart. Coryan activated the hyperdrive, and off they went. A blur of flashing lights appeared before them, and then sped by. They were on their way.

His eyes openned widely, now he understood. In his wisdom and age, he did not get excited as he stood from the chair. "I must ask you one favor young apprentice.", pausing for a response, yet not waiting to receive one, "If I should not make it home, please leave my corpse out for the animals to feed." A very strange statement, from a very strange man. "Also, if that should happen, you will find my teachings saved on holochips in my practice room. You should find it easily enough." With that said, Kytel dragged himself forward, making his way to the rear of the vessel. His cryptic words most likely had unnerved or even confused his student, but he needed to say these passing.

I had more, but I figured I'd give you guys some final posts before I kill the thread with plot.

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