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Coryan slowly steered the vessel out of the atmosphere of the jungle planet. He still had a slight pain from being crushed, dropped, and thrown, but other than that he was fine.
Kytel rested in a seat behind him. Glancing up at Coryan he mouthed in his raspy voice,"If I should not make it home, please leave my corpse out for the animals to feed. Also, if that should happen, you will find my teachings saved on holochips in my practice room. You should find it easily enough."
The words encircled Coryan, his eyes twitched. " I will do as you say," he said in a somber mood. He looked back but Kytlel had already moved to the back. Strange.... Coryan thought.
The ship entered hyperspace and zoomed towards Kytels dark, stormy planet, while Coryan pondered what Kytel had said.

I bow before the spoon.
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