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Name: Nova Centari

As a youth he was a freighter hopper out of Nar Shadda. Eventually he ended up ona freighter brining supplies to yavin 4. Once there Luke sensed him and brought him in. He spent the next 5 years there until he was 19. At that point he got ina heated argument with Luke after using the Force to attack another student who was bullying him. His argument was that he had never meant to hurt him only to get the larger kid to leave him alone. Afterwards he climbed into his newly rebulit z-95 Headhunter, the Crazy Ace, with only his lighsaber, his blaster and a set of fake mandalorian armor he had constructed. He has since wandered the galaxy in search of adventure.

Abilities: Extremelty talented with physical force powers (push, pull,jump,speed) and saber combat.

Weapons: His blaster pistol (much like hans) and his teal lightsaber.

Ship: Heavily modified z-95 headhunter, The Crazy Ace

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