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Kvana: They are expendable. The mortals will be unable to kill enough in the next hour to make a dent in the power I'll need, and there are only a few minutes remaining till the sun reaches the point where I can cast the spell.

*Gilian lands from a high leap in the tower's top entrance* Not happening. Your time's up already.

*Gilian clears the room with one leap, bringing her arm blade down at Kvana's head. The blade rebounds off an invisible wall surrounding the vampire. Gilian lands opposite, startled*

Kvana: And here, we have something quite interesting...a vampire, with a soul?


*The girl stands behind Cracken, completely unharmed*

Girl: *shaking her head* In a situation like nothing you could understand, and yet you still depend on the things you know. Why?

*She stops and tilts her head* Something's about to happen, Cracken. I can hear it whistling in the winds. You won't be able to stop it...but I think you'd want to at least see it... *She cups her hands to her mouth and speaks loudly* Wake up!

*The world dissolves into white, then resolves itself into the interior of a high hotel room. Through the window, Kvana's tower looms above Coruscant's spires, glowing darkly and eerily. A meteroric rain of fire fills the sky*


*Rwos goes flying through a building wall, hit by the golem's fist. Roaring, it looms above him...then stops, distracted by the Jedi and the NR forces. It turns in their direction, bellowing. It begins sucking up duracrete under its feet, making itself even larger*

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