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*Brunhilde approaches Odin*

Brunhilde: It is getting bad on Coruscant. Here are a few pictures.

*Brunhilde gives Odin the pictures and he looks through them*

Odin: So it is. I would send the Valkyrie team back but Athena needs them in the hunt for the Formorians.

Brunhilde: What about other teams?

Odin: I don't wish to reveal how many teams we have. They'll have to ask for assistance before I send any.

Brunhilde: I understand. Skadi is asking to speak with you.

Odin: Alright.

*Odin and Brunhilde enter the palace and walk to the communications room*

Odin: Hello Skadi. How is everything?

Skadi: I'm worried about Gerd. Her nightmares are increasing.

Odin: What are they about?

Skadi: I'm not sure. At first I thought it was the Jotuns however, when I asked her it had nothing to do with them.

Odin: Why don't you bring Gerd here. We shall see if the Norns will reveal anything.

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