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*Fused Irvine drops the illusion of his dissapearing act.*

Fused Irvine: *Clentching his arm* "Calling me a coward. I removed the sabers to offer an honorable fight, It showed him he had none..." 'Next time if I manage to cross paths with him, I won't hold back as much. Nor take him so lightly...'


*Hyperspace, en route to Coruscant*

*RH Irvine sits with a grim face in front of the council in the cockpit of his Reaper.*

RH Irvine: 'I can feel his presence and I am coming, but do I really want to meet him? No, this is something I have to do sometime in my life, I have to know, but I still have this doubt...'


*An officer runs to Starr, with a few documents in hand.*

Officer: "Sir! I have all the records from former Supreme Council member Ivan Craceren's personal files, in almost entirety! There is one very important document I believe you should look at, Sir, but a good portion of the medical history is missing to what would make the files whole..."

*Holds out a file with the name "Irvine Craceren" on it...*

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