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Kvana: An interesting case indeed. You are truly something which I do not understand. There was one like you in my time as well, and I understood her even less... You are one of us. A vampire, a demon. Why fight with them?

Gilian: Maybe you missed something. I have a soul, and everything that comes with it. And I choose to help mortals.

Kvana: You haven't always, have you? Enelya.

*Gilian, with a start, feels Kvana's mind invading her thoughts. She quickly brings up her mental barriers like an invisible shield*

Kvana: So a soul makes all the difference, does it? No, I do not believe that. All that guilt and pain...useless. Why do you feel you have to burden yourself with what you have done simply following your true nature?

Gilian: It's not my true nature.

Kvana: But it is. Really, you should be fighting with us, not against us. What can you really gain on the side you are on now? Think about what you are trying to stop...a world made in our image...dominated by our kind.

Gilian: A bloodsucker's utopia? I'll pass, thanks.

Kvana: *smiles* But you are one of them. A bloodsucker. A new world is coming, Enelya. You cannot stop it. Our kind's dawn is finally at hand, in this weak world of metal and light. The ultimate darkness will soon fall. I leave the choice up to you: Fight with us or die fighting us.

*Kvana turns to look at the sun* It begins now.

*A black mist seeps from the cracks of the tower and surrounds Kvana. Tremendous energy begins swell up around the tower. A wind blows into the horde of Jedi and New Republic forces forcing them back out of the square.

The golem stops sucking in duracrete to look around for Rwos. But Rwos has vanished*

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