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- "Manny! Do it in time, all right?"
- "Sorry"
- "Okay, from the top!"

- "So uh... What did you think of my poem?

Blue casket

- "Come on, Glottis! Let's break through and drive over these demons!"
- "Nnnnoo, Manny! These beavers are mean! They bite, they claw and they can put my poor vehicle on fire in months! I don't move through there until YOU get rid of them!"

Petrified forest

"I don't like the look of that way. They're everywhere! I think they're looking at me. I think they are plotting something. If they all attacked at once, they could carry me off and I'm never been heard from again!"

While the pigeons are charging, use the Domino's mouthpiece. It looks like the pigeons are pushing, but Manny is slipping.

"Don't make me touch you with this! It's got Hurley's *-----* left in the mouthpiece! I think I'm only scaring myself."

Rooftop of the DOD

- "Down in the elevator! I wanna go down in the elevator!"
- "Perhaps you wanna see some fighting."
- "I don't want to fight, I wanna use the elevator."
- "Chicken!"

High Rollers Lounge

Manny: Hah! "Bust-all", my ass!
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