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TacOps: Sir, front shields down to 30%!
Tojo:Increase forward fire power, i don't want anything getting through! Evacuate all decks not essential to combat ops and shut down life support to those areas, and put that power to the shields!

TacOps:Aye sir!

*As the Titan continues a losing battle to save herself, Tojo turns to Starr*

My lord, I advise we relocate the command and yourself to the Devastator. You'll be safer there.

Sensors:Sir, detecting a weather anomoly near the spire. it might be another kind of "Force"power.
((OOS: Karraks crew doesn't know the Vampires are using magic))

Comm:Admiral, suggest we offer our transports to evactuate civilians and government officals off of the Imperial Center.

Karrak: go ahead.

Comm:New Republic, this is the Imperial warship Devastator, do you wish for us to recieve transports of government officials and and launch transport to rescue civilians, with escorts?

Karrak: Why is the Titan's shield failing, and asteroids continuing to make contact with the surface!?
TacOps:There are just too many!

*Karrak slams his fist on the armrest of his command chair* THEN FIRE FASTER!


*Cracken watches in amazement. he can sense Starr, and his son...but his sons' force signature was in two differnt places.

Meteors fall to the planet, with turbolaser fire trailing him. He can sense the Devastator, finally complete after a hurried secret construction order was given to Kuat after it's return to the Empire.

He also notices a large area of the Force, near the spire which loomed over all of Coruscant, which was void of any reading, but great activity. He could feel Jedi there, in heated combat, alongside regular Army soldiers, but couldn't tell what they were fighting.
Cracken extinguishes his lightsaber, and turns to the girl*

Cracken: What power is that? how can they create meteors and direct them? only the greatest and oldest of Sith Lords could THINK about doing that, and even then it was out of thier reach!!!

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