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Oh believe me that level is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy, it's almost criminal how well I can pass that level, the key is to remember to follow the falcon closely and if it gets too far away close your s-foils to catch up. good accuracy is a must for this level. once inside the tunnel, remember to keep up with the falcon with the close s-foil trick, but of your don't keep em closed, i sometimes do a lil trick where you keep opening and closing your s-foils which gives you added speed but more control. remember to stay behind the falcon and just shoot those TIEs to hell. then on the way out of the DS2, follow closely behind the falcon again and do the same thing u did before with the S-Foils, and when u're near the end, overtake the falcon with s-foils closed and get the hell outta there. The Gold is too easy once u know the drill |

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