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*Drago carries Lelan to the edge of the battlefield, there, waiting is the man dressed in white.*

Michael: Your quest is at an end, you wish to forfit your imortality?

Drago: As quickly as possible, heal her.

Michael: Very well, but understand, she will remember nothing of what the demon has done. She will not recognize this world.

Drago: Fine, then she won't have to live with the guilt.

*Michael nods and places his hand on Lelan's chest her wounds heal and then she draws breath.*

Michael: It is done, now give me your sword. Drago begins to hand over the sword, then is dissintegrates, leaving a pile of rust.

*Meanwhile not far away.*

Hal: You have to get to that tower!

Flax: Yeah, well here goes.

*Flax force speeds up to the tower and jumps, his misjjudges the hieght and lands a little heavily, having almost ovver shot.*

Flax: Hay, Vampire! *Draws sword.*

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