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Rwos: You know I can only glide with these....besides, you're forgetting how high you can jump using the Force. But we need to get close to the tower first, or the vampire will have a clear shot at us.

*Rwos looks up at the tower* The power up there is increasing by the second. Let's go!

*Rwos rushes into the crowd, reaches the base of the tower. He leaps halfway up, catching onto its side with his claws. He begins rapidly climbing*


Kvana: The leader of the Jedi vampire hunters. You are too late.

*Gilian crouches, sword out, staring at the hovering Kvana blanketed with a power completely invisible to Flax or the other Jedi*

Gilian: No, Flax. Don't....


*Starr stares into space. When he finally speaks, it's with disbelief*

Starr: Impossible...but...I can sense Cracken again...and he's down there!

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