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Rwos: I've seen other Jedi do that; I didn't realize you'd never tried...

*Kvana, without turning around, swings his fist. Dark energy catches Deac and hurls him backwards.

Rwos leaps at Kvana before he could focus energy again. His fist meets Kvana's back, and Kvana absorbs the blow without moving. Rwos is sent flying out the window. He opens his wings, catching his fall.

Gilian attacks again. She strikes Kvana three times in rapid succession. The blows have no effect. Kvana turns and grabs her by the throat*

Kvana: What

Gilian: How...

Kvana: The power? Yes, it is rather puzzling, isn't it. *Kvana smirks, the books glowing behind him* I'll let you ponder that while you're healing your broken bones.

*Kvana hurls her out the broken window. She tumbles helplessly towards the ground. Rwos catches her before she hits*

Gilian: Get up there, Rwos...get him out of there!

*Rwos drops her and ascends back to the tower. He activates his teleporter as he flies back into the highest chamber*

Kvana: Back again? Haven't you learned your lesson? It's too late.

Rwos: Hardly.

*He leaps towards an unmoving Kvana, grabbing the vampire's shoulder. He mentally activates his teleporter.

In a flash of blue light, the world twists away. Then the blue twists away as well, revealing the two in midair above the pit of a volcano, in bright sunlight. Rwos drops Kvana, who falls towards the lava. Kvana looks up at Rwos as he falls, disappearing into the lava*

Rwos: Looks like it wasn't too late after all.

*Rwos teleports away, back to the tower*

Rwos: *to Vertmor* It appears that your master failed. *His eyes glow, and he draws his lightsword* Care for a rematch?

*Kvana's voice comes from behind Rwos* Failed?

*Rwos turns. Kvana's fist smashes into his chin, knocking him unconscious*

Kvana: Did you really think that would work? *As Rwos falls to the ground, Kvana turns and looks at Flax expectantly*


Starr: No. Give me a transport. I don't care about the meteors - I'm going down to the planet!

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