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*Tojo nods to teh Imperial Royal Guard, and they motion to Starr to follow them. They take him quickly down to the shuttle bay.

Meanwhile, Tojo picks up his ship wide com*

Tojo: All hands, abandon ship, i repeat, all hands, abandon ship. this is not a drill, i repeat this is NOT a drill, all hands abandon ship!!

*Tojo nods to his crew on the birdge, and they set the controls to auto, and run for the escape pods. Tojo runs to the docking bay, and get's on his personal starfighter, and launches with out hesitation. he heads for teh Devastator.


*Cracken runs through the hotel, lightsaber lit, a trail of destruction behind him. He found himself faster, stronger than ever. a vampire crossed his path, and he jumped up to the wall, walked it, and calmly came down on it's neck. the Vampire died and decayed, and he came back to the floor.

He turned the corner, and a hallway full of vampires filled it. he smiled, and outstreched his hand. he began to glow, and a small ball formed into his hand. glowing green, he raised his arm above his head, and threw the energy ball at them. it hit the crowed, vaporizing them.

A variation of Force Destruction, more powerful, and more effective and efficiant. he kept moving, getting to a docking pad, and found a speeder. he took it, and headed to the spire. if that girl couldn't answer him, maybe the leader can. Rwos would be there too, but how did he know that? puzzled, he hit the accelerator, and started to gain altitude.*

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