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*The sides of the forearm of Fused Irvine's, were the parts that were wounded, he was able to use his fingers normaly, with little difficulty. He then looks at his treated forearm, focasing upon it. .*

Fused Irvine: "Well I might as well use it, it'll be harder to use this arm with out doing it..."

*Fused Irvine grits his teeth while clentching his fist, focasing strong healing energies, regenerating the missing muscular tissue.*


RH Irvine: *over comm* "I can't keep at this for much longer! Hurry up!"

*More warning lights go on as the missles become depleted, then one of the two turret lasers malfunctions.*

RH Irvine: "I can't help you anymore! I'm backing off, welcome for the help!"

*RH Irvine vears off, beginning to fly towards the planet.*


Vertmor: *to Rwos* "Master? Kvana is not my master, its more along the lines of a partnership along the lines of mutual gain. I create legions of our kind, while my 'partner' gets what he wants in the relationship. But I don't fell like offering such information..."

*Vertmor stands infront of Kvana, holding out the Reaver in an defence stance.*

Vertmor: "Kvana, stop toying around and complete the spell, you're taking too much delight in playing with our food..." *grins showing his fangs.*


*Jutrok continues to eye the stormtrooper movements, finally he becomes satisfied.*

Jutrok: "Oh well, another few years I'm going to lose from my life. Then yet again I'd rather lose a few then lose the rest in the matter of a few hours..." *Nods then makes a slight laugh, smiling.*

*Jutrok stands up straight, head tilted down slightly, eyes closed. He begins to take deep breaths, calming himself. Several strands, all next to each other, of his hair fade to white as Jutrok begins to glow with a white aura.*

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