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Survey thing.

Ok, we need your feedback. Hopefully if you're a regular visitor of the site, you know what we have, and if you're not, you know what you want.

These are a bunch of questions which we're asking you to fill in so we can get some ideas for what you want to see on the site. We know we're missing a lot, and i have a long long todo list , but the more ideas the better.

#1 - How often do you visit the site? (eg. twice a week)

#2 - What do you mainly visit the site for?

#3 - What's missing?

#4 - What would you like to see more of?

#5 - What would you like to see less of?

#6 - Any other comments?

Reply to this post with your answers, or if you don't want them to be public mail them to

Thanks for your input.

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