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Re: Survey thing.

#1 - How often do you visit the site? (eg. twice a week)
Probably weekly, on average. When there are a lot of updates I visit more often.

#2 - What do you mainly visit the site for?
Sadly, I've only been using it to visit the hosted sites in recent days. However, the articles are great (like Tiller Techniques woot) and I read those whenever you post them.

#3 - What's missing?
I think that there should be some more media on the page, like screenshots from upcoming games or something. You guys have a database of amateur games and engines in development, but it's kind of tucked away. Also, AD: Directory is somewhat of a confusing name. Maybe you should bring the links to the Games and Engines sections to the main menu, and give the database its own menu category.

#4 - What would you like to see more of?
I like screenshots, videos, interviews, and articles by the developers.

#5 - What would you like to see less of?
Not sure, I just want more of everything right now. Maybe less Arbuckle, but that's just me.

#6 - Any other comments?
Don't give up! I know you guys can pull off something great if you keep at it.

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