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1 - I don't visit the site as often as I used to, mainly due to more exciting things happening in the worlds that don't have any relation to adventure-developing.

2 - I visit to see if there are any new amateur-games that have been released / announced.

3 - Reviews and Previews. I know that the latest review hasn't been updated for a while (although the latest preview was great). The site should aim to entice gameplayers rather than gamecreators (because there are more gameplayers out there), and the lack of reviews especially neglects them, I guess.

4 - More reviews, there should be more of those little pictures at the top and they should stand out a little better. Also, a comprehensive database detailing every single amateur adventure game and engine would be nice too.

5 - Less non-doing stuff.

6 - Maybe a little more colour? I don't know. The site still needs a lot of effort to be kicked off properly.

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