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Re: Survey thing.

#1 - How often do you visit the site? (eg. twice a week)
Now days, I visit the site like once a day.

#2 - What do you mainly visit the site for?
News regarding games, mostly the non-AGS ones (since I check the AGS forums constantly and am well informed of what's going on), but also I read the articles about adventure developing.

#3 - What's missing?
The site is going well with the adventure developing articles, but it needs more reviews and listings of underground graphic adventures.

How about some interviews with adventure developers? it would be great to talk to Ron Gilbert about adventure game design in general or with Tim Schafer.

AD hasn't brought the communities together: text adventures, agast people, sludge people, ags people, and the others engines people. Then again, I don't check the AD forums so I wouldn't know what's going on here, but more stuff needs to be projected on the main site itself.

#4 - What would you like to see more of?
Reviews! and Game listings.

#5 - What would you like to see less of?
uhmm.... beats me. I guess you guys are relying on news updates way too much instead of bringing more of other stuff.

#6 - Any other comments?
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