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Are You Mother ****ing Ready!
For The New ****!....Reload

3 DAYS TIL Matrix Reloaded

last night I saw the documentary
Matrix Revisited, it was so good.

I worked this weekend
on someones stuff on my
computer, I have some Doss.
I am going to buy a ticket
for thursday
(if any are still left.)
as you might guess
for the second part
of the Matrix trilogy.
*and I believe, I think*

'Matrix Revolutions'

might even be released in November.
(there is also the game.
(with plot line vital
to this movie.

and... my first owned
or will be Anime.
theAnimatrixJune 3rd.

as you can see by my avitar
and profile, I am Matriculating myself.
*guess maybe I like the Matrix huh?*

(oh I also own
the Matrix Reloaded Album
I did a CD review for it in
Darth Groovy's site The Manipulation.
it is themaipulation dot com.)

Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever

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