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Heh, yeah, I'm looking forward to all the Matrix stuff that's coming out this year. I hope you've managed to check out the 4 episodes of the Animatrix that were released publicly on They're pretty "rad".

Also, the game is called Enter The Matrix, and it starts, chronologically just before the events in the Matrix Reloaded. Amazingly, the game has video footage that you won't see in any of the films, starring all the stars of the Matrix, which is uncommon for video games that are based on film series. Well, okay, Billy Dee Williams did reprise his role as Lando in Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, but shh.

I hope to see the movie soon, but I doubt that I'll get to the first couple weeks that it's out because of school (cue the weepface) :~

Anyway, good luck to everyone trying to get tickets

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