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((OOS: BD, re the books: right idea, wrong timing. The dark energy is pretty much making everything it touches temporarily invulnerable))

Kvana: 'Twas a fool's game and he lost. I did say never touch a Jedi's weapon.

*The dark energy around Kvana lifts Flax in the air*

Kvana: Your time is up. Goodbye, Battledog.

*Kvana sends Flax flying through one of the broken windows, the dark energy field around him poised to deaden any Force attacks. He turns to Deac*

Kvana: Whoever Orthos was, he must have been very important to should be happy he's gone. If he wasn't, he would be doomed with the rest of you.

*Kvana turns. The dark energy begins multiplying. A wind is created, blowing Deac, Vertmor, and Rwos' unconscious body backwards*

Kvana: *shouting* The dawn of a new age comes now!

*On the ground, Gilian senses the surge of energy. She stares upward at the midday sun.

The outer edge of the glowing orb turns dark. The light all around dims. A dark circle rounds the sun for a moment, then the darkness stabs inward, blanketing the entire sphere.

The light all around dims. A shadow blankets the tower's courtyard.

In the tower, Kvana vanishes. The glowing stack of books vanish with him.

The darkness spreads rapidly. Those watching the sun rise a quarter of the way across the planet got the last glimpse of it, before it too falls into darkness.

To be continued.

((OOS: Sorry that took so long. Care to do the honors, Deac? ))

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