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Ulna Shardes

Artemis: He...I don't get it. He was pratically comatose until a few minutes ago. He's not conscious, but his brain activity is...

*Suddenly, Farran's eyes open. He shoots straight up in his bed*

Farran: The sun!



*Kvana does not react to Deac's attack. One instant, he stands there. The next, Deac's sabers pierce only smoke. The remains of the dark energy that had been there before rise upwards into the sky*

Rwos pulls himself up*

Rwos: What in seven hells...he did it...

*A new presence registers in Rwos' mind. Something---or someone---totally unfamiliar...

Down in the courtyard, the vampires melt away. Most of them, especially the hour-old fledglings, had been totally drained of power*

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