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Evil Egon likes the trailer!

Seems unatmospheric. I liked this trailer a long time ago when it was called "Reboot."

This game better kick ass, instead of turning into something like Toe-Jam and Earl 2. *crawls up into a fetal position and cries*

I do think the rats with guns is a good sign, but I have yet to see anything breaking the boundries the first game. 3D images don't fool us, this isn't an FPS. But again, sooo much time. Unless that was all they have done. Then that is just an engine demo and they have yet to program and devlop and post-produce and market the game... But come on! This is Lucas-Arts

Uh-oh, too much compresehensible commentary....

"Garish wrestling tatooes..." Bwahahaha - Oh yea, that takes me back. To that one day. With the watermelon. Ahahaha, silly parasites.

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