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Does Need help?

I tryed e-mailing you and nothing... apparently your having problems with e-mail, as written in your error reply. But but to the topic. I know that SWGs is building the people playing are getting bigger the expectations are growing and I have been a fan of many of the sites that you (the .net' community) have many and they have supplyed me with much of the knowledge needed to finish play or even to enhance the game (mods or commands for consoles). But I wanna give back or be known to some people as someone who has helped. I would love to give you guys articles or mabey a mod on the forums( not many people posting frequently as of now but I'm sure as after the game comes out they will be flocking here. So if there is anyway I can help you guys out here or write or mod here on the forums give me a pm or reply here.

Many thx,

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