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Originally posted by Gabrobot
Jedi Knight didn't have any editing tools either, but people made them anyway...the problem here is that there aren't as many fans...
Re-reading your comment, I guess you refer to JK, not JO. But I'll have my rant anyway

People may have made a few tools, like Milkshape importers and the odd script, but they did NOT make JK Radiant, GTK Radiant, Modview, and all the other bits presently used.

Most of the editing tools for Jedi Outcast were supplied by Raven Software in their editing tools packages. Raven even wrote editing tutorials to help modders get started.


That doesn't apply if you're talking JK, not JO, but the following does;

It's the support from developers (and the EULA that actually stated you couldn't legally edit the game) that has stalled Indy Jones editing, nothing to do with the fanbase at all.

That and the fact there's no Multiplayer support in Indy, severely limiting any mods made.
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