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For Hire...

OOC: This is open, just a flowing RPThread, no set story. This part takes place in a hidden spice farm on Endor.

IC: Vessen walked through the rows and rows of spice, while wookies tended to all of the plants. A wookie bumped into him and quickly cowered but Vessen let him go without having to grovel. The Hutt who was crawling along side him started to speak, "Aaaaaahhhhh, you musta to a job for mes. You have a BIG, BIG debt to repay to mes...You must take thisa spice to Nabooa, then debt be repay." Vessen nodded, he wasn't a smuggler by trade but its better than having a bounty on his head. He continued to walk until they were at a pile of crates full of the merchandise. "This is whata you take in a ship," The Hutt continued, "You musta not get caught or your head be a mine." The Hutt let out a low belowing laugh as he watched the zabrak inspecting the crates. Vessen knew there was alot of risk involved but he had to do it to repay his debt to The Hutt. The wookies loaded up his ship to the brim with boxes of spice. He got into the cockpit and set his coordinates for Theed, Naboo. On the map there was an Imperial Blockade he had to get past, and a small station before that. The zabrak smiled and started up the engine.

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