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Re: Indy Jones ET patch

Originally posted by roadrunnerguy
This patch that is out now, I have a couple of questions. I am not having any problems with the game, should I still DL it and install it? I only have 56K so it would take about 1.5 hrs. Also, if I did install it, would I have to start over at the begining again? or, would it not affect the gameplay or my "position"? Right now, I am in Istanbul, I got my weapons back (which I thought fighting those gaurds was really hard), and I just started the 2nd chapter called : "The Secret of the Mosque: Part 1"

ok first Question:

1. yes you should get the patch it fixs glitchs and makes the game run smoother.

2. the path doesnt affect any saved games, or an positions your guys in.

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