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*Deep in the underlevels, a cloaked figure of about medium height enters a large stone chamber. Fires burn in alcoves along the wall, although clearly no one had entered the room for thousands of years. A circle of pillars holds the ceiling up. In their center a stone statue stands, faced by two metal bowls filled with coals. The figure walks up to them, and they ignite. Their light reveals the heavily-scarred face of the human-like demon under the cloak.

The demon begins to speak, looking at the statue*

Demon: Time weighs heavily upon the worlds. All those born must sometime die, and all those who sleep must sometime awake. In worlds unknown, outside of time there are those who sleep, dream, and wait to be awakened.

*The demon steps back and blows powder on the statue*

Demon: The time has come for this sleeper to awaken. Arise, as was promised and prophesied. Arise. - Arise!

*Nothing happens. The demon walks away from the statue. He rubs his hands together, warms them over one of the fires, and paces the room. He checks his watch.

Suddenly the room begins to shake. Lightning flashes around the pillars. The statue cracks.

The demon stands expectantly.

The statue crumbles and falls away, leaving a human figure huddled in the middle of it.

The demon walks over to the human*

Demon: Welcome, Cyrus Duncan - to the future. *He crouches* Some things have happened that I didn't expect. The time stream is altered - but Thiazi's descendant, and the Jotuns, are still here. You'll see them soon.

*He pauses* You haven't used your muscles in a very long time. It will be a while before---

*The figure suddenly straightens and stands*

Duncan: Just tell me where they are.

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