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Empire Strikes Back is the best by a mile. I never liked ROTJ, it was so forced, the Emperor was changed from cunning evil to evil evil, Carrie Fisher's acting was off, the speeder bikes went at 1000 miles an hour (I'm totally truthful on this, it was nearly as bad as that) and it takes Luke a couple of minutes to walk back, bloody giant bridge explosions, Yoda dies, inferior plot, stupid Second Death Star idea, ewoks (teddy bears) overcoming Imperial Troops (battle-hardened kickass troops) getting their ass whooped, no funny dialogue between Leia and Han, flawed Jabba (another evil evil character, seems George Lucas needs to simplify things), flawed Jabba's palace, good Sarlacc idea ruined by clumsy jumps, non-scary noises, and not large or flapping enough tentacles, Lando looks stupid in General outfit, Darth Vader now totally pathetic and unscary, ground battle of Endor cringe-inducing.

On the bright side, great music, Admiral Ackbar and that brilliant Mon Cal cruiser ship, amazing music in Vader vs Luke, and great explosions and co. in Second Death Star battle.

As I gaze up at the night sky in my own fair time, I look back down and see the devastation. This post-nuclear world. It's terrible. But at least we got Nuka-Cola, warm and flat, the drink of the post-apocalyptic civiliztion. Generation Next!
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