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OOC:To see my ship go to Then click concept art and go to 14 of 15 to see what it looks like. All though the size of my ship is equal to the size of Slave I.

IC:Jatari had fallowed Vessen to Naboo with his senor jammer activated. He landed his ship called NEMESIS on platform 9C next to Vessen's.
After the explotion Jatari punched in some numbers on his comlink soon Mess the Hutt came on screen.
"I egnited the bomb but he survived."
"Whata! I can'ta have no more mistakes Jatari, I want hima DEAD!"said the hutt,"Don't worry I'll get the job done." "Remember Jatari NO mistakes!".
then the screen went black.

Soon after the chat with Mess the Hutt he saw a bunch of stormtrooper's heading towards 9A (Vessen's platform.)
"This is not my day." sighed Jatari as he followed them trying not to be noticed.

"It is one thing to die, it's another to be forgotten." -Jatari Bazrak
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