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I need help with my dedicated server

I got the jk2ded file loading but I need help I want to run my mod how can I do this with the jk2ded file this is my cfg file I am trying to run the Jedi Academy Mod 1.2 with it for my clan but it is not working can some one help

// Server Config
seta sv_hostname " | JK2 Server"
//seta g_motd "^7Welcome to |TF|Top Fraggers Clan Server \n Clan Rules: \n Dont Lame! \n Dont attack unarmed players! \n No chat killing! \n"

//rconpassword "******"

seta sv_maxclients 10
seta g_inactivity 0
sv_maxRate 10000
set g_allowvote 0
set timelimit 0
set capturelimit 20
set g_autoMapCycle 1
set g_forceRegenTime 10
set sv_fps 100
set g_maxforcerank 7
set cl_allowdownload 1
set g_weaponDisable 0
set g_privateDuel 1
set g_saberLock 1
set g_forceBasedTeams 1

map ffa_bespin

// JK2 Mod Config File
// Jedi Academy Mod 1.2
// By: cHoSeN oNe
// Build Date: Mar 19, 2003

// Messages.
// Everyone: Message get's send to all players when a command get's issued with the 'all' parameter.
// Broadcast: Message get's send to all players not affected by the command.
// Target: Message get's send to the player affected by the command.

// Note that in all 'BroadCast' and 'Target' message %s can be used to display the targetplayers name.
// \n Can be used in all message to give a nextline (Enter).

// Admin password for 'Secondary' admins:
seta g_mAdminPassword "******"
seta g_mKnightPassword "******"

seta g_mMessageUnEmpowerEveryone "Everyone lost the ^3power^7!"
seta g_mMessageUnEmpowerBroadcast "%s has given up the ^3power^7!"
seta g_mMessageUnEmpowerTarget "You lost the ^3power^7!"

seta g_mMessageEmpowerEveryone "Everyone has become ^3all-powerfull^7!"
seta g_mMessageEmpowerBroadcast "%s has become ^3all-powerfull^7!"
seta g_mMessageEmpowerTarget "You have become ^3all-powerfull^7!"

seta g_mMessageUnTerminatorEveryone "Everyone lost the ^1Terminator Power^7!"
seta g_mMessageUnTerminatorBroadcast "%s has lost the ^1Terminator Power^7!"
seta g_mMessageUnTerminatorTarget "You lost the ^1Terminator Power^7!"

seta g_mMessageTerminatorEveryone "Everyone has become ^1A Terminator^7!"
seta g_mMessageTerminatorBroadcast "%s has become ^1A Terminator^7!"
seta g_mMessageTerminatorTarget "You have become ^1A Terminator^7!"

seta g_mMessageUnSilenceEveryone "Everyone can talk again"
seta g_mMessageUnSilenceBroadcast "%s can talk again"
seta g_mMessageUnSilenceTarget "You can talk again"

seta g_mMessageSilenceEveryone "Everyone is silenced"
seta g_mMessageSilenceBroadcast "%s has been silenced"
seta g_mMessageSilenceTarget "You are silenced\nand can't talk"

seta g_mMessageWakeEveryone "Everyone is waking up again"
seta g_mMessageWakeBroadcast "%s has had a nice rest"
seta g_mMessageWakeTarget "You awaken after a nice rest"

seta g_mMessageSleepEveryone "Everyone is feeling very sleepy"
seta g_mMessageSleepBroadcast "%s is falling asleep"
seta g_mMessageSleepTarget "You are feeling sleepy\nYour eyelids are getting heavy..."

seta g_mMessageSlapEveryone "Everyone gets slapped"
seta g_mMessageSlapBroadcast "%s get's slapped"
seta g_mMessageSlapTarget "You have been slapped"

seta g_mMessageUnBunnyEveryone "Everbody stop jumping!"
seta g_mMessageUnBunnyBroadcast "Bunny season closed on\n %s"
seta g_mMessageUnBunnyTarget "You're not a bunny anymore"

seta g_mMessageBunnyEveryone "Everybody jump!"
seta g_mMessageBunnyBroadcast "Bunny season has opened on\n%s"
seta g_mMessageBunnyTarget "You've become a bunny"

seta g_mMessagePunishEveryone "You're all being punished"
seta g_mMessagePunishBroadcast "%s is being punished!"
seta g_mMessagePunishTarget "You are being punished for your actions"

seta g_mMessageUnPunishEveryone "You all going to be good\nlittle boys and girls?"
seta g_mMessageUnPunishBroadcast "%s is behaving now."
seta g_mMessageUnPunishTarget "%s\nAre you ready to play nice?"

seta g_mMessageForceTeamEveryone "You all going to the opposite team."
seta g_mMessageForceTeamBroadcast "%s is defecting to the other team."
seta g_mMessageForceTeamTarget "%s\n transferring you to other team."

seta g_mMessageExplodeTarget "Everyone hold on to your heads!"
seta g_mMessageExplodeBroadcast "Someone find\n%s's\nhead"
seta g_mMessageExplodeEveryone "You've misplaced your head"

seta g_mMessageTeleEveryone "Everyone was telefragged!"
seta g_mMessageTeleBroadcast "%s was just teleported!"
seta g_mMessageTeleTarget "You have been teleported"

seta g_mMessageRewardEveryone "Everyone is being rewarded!"
seta g_mMessageRewardBroadcast "%s has passed his trial!"
seta g_mMessageRewardTarget "Congratulations on passing the trial!"

seta g_mMessageVoteAllowEveryone "Everyone is allowed to vote!"
seta g_mMessageVoteAllowBroadcast "%s is now allowed to vote!"
seta g_mMessageVoteAllowTarget "You are now allowed to vote!"

seta g_mMessageVoteDenyEveryone "Everyone has been denied their right to vote!"
seta g_mMessageVoteDenyBroadcast "%s is not allowed to vote!"
seta g_mMessageVoteDenyTarget "Sorry, %s\n no voting for you!"

// This is the motd as it will be shown on screen.
// It must be one line, you can use color codes to color words like you can do in player names.
// Use \n to insert a newline (Enter).
g_mMOTDContents "^7Welcome to |TF|Top Fraggers Clan Server \n Clan Rules: \n Dont Lame! \n Dont attack unarmed players! \n No chat killing! \n"

// This is the welcome message as it will be shown in the console.
// It must be one line, you can use color codes to color words like you can do in player names.
// Use \n to insert a newline (Enter).
g_mWelcomeMessage "^7Welcome to | JK2 Server !"

// This is the help info as it will be shown in the console.
// It must be one line, you can use color codes to color words like you can do in player names.
// Use \n to insert a newline (Enter).
g_mHelpInfo "^7Contact us at | Clan Site"

// This is the logged in/not logged in messages, as it will be shown in the console.
// It must be one line, you can use color codes to color words like you can do in player names.
// Use \n to insert a newline (Enter).
seta g_mLoggedInAdmin "^7Your now logged in as ^1Admin"
seta g_mNotLoggedInAdmin "^7Your not logged in as ^1Admin"
seta g_mLoggedInKnight "^7You are now logged in as secoundary ^1Admin"
seta g_mNotLoggedInKnight "^7You are not logged in as secoundary ^1Admin"

// Time to show the MOTD in miliseconds (1000 ms equals 1 second. So 5000ms equals 5 seconds). Add 3 seconds for the time it takes for
// the message to fade.
seta g_mMOTDShowTime "5000"

// Controls various aspects of the bunny 'jump'.
// Note that there are some random effects too.
seta g_mBunnyJumpPowerXY "50" // Power in side direction.
seta g_mBunnyJumpPowerZ "100" // Power in up direction.
seta g_mBunnyJumpChance "15" // Chances of a jump happening (15%).

// Controls various aspects of the slap command.
// Note that there is a certain randomness to the effects.
seta g_mSlapKnockDownTime "5000" // Time the player gets knocked down after slapping.
seta g_mSlapPowerXY "400" // Power in the side direction.
seta g_mSlapPowerZ "400" // Power in the up direction.

// Enable/Disable screenshake on empowerment or supermerc.
seta g_mEmpowerShake "0"

// Enable/Disable Saber drop when blocked.
seta g_mBlockThrow "0"

//Enable/Disable Duel Stats
seta g_mDuelStats "1"

// Enable/Disable Double Saber for empowerment
seta g_mDoubleSaberEmpowered "1"

// Set the use of double saber for ALL clients.
// Possible values:
// 0 : No double sabers except for empowered users.
// 1 : Double sabers for all users.
// 2 : Switch to single saber from off. Switch to double saber from single saber. Switch to off from double saber.
seta g_mDoubleSabersForAll "0"

// On duel start players will get 100 health and 50 shield no matter if they had more or less.

// After duel the stats will be restored to what they were before the duel started.
// Set this to -1 to enable 'old school' duels.
seta g_mPlayerDuelShield 50

// Saber damage CVars.
// Current values are original from the game.
// Note that the normal red slash is the only slash with an (extra) ramping system.
seta g_mSaberDMGIdle 1

seta g_KickDMGModifier 1 // This is a modifier. 1 is normal, 0.5 is half, 2 is double, etc.

seta g_mSaberDMGThrow 30
seta g_mSaberDMGThrowReturn 5

seta g_mSaberDMGRedNormalMin 2
seta g_mSaberDMGRedNormalMax 120
seta g_mSaberDMGRedDFAMin 2
seta g_mSaberDMGRedDFAMax 180
seta g_mSaberDMGRedBackMin 2
seta g_mSaberDMGRedBackMax 30

seta g_mSaberDMGYellowNormal 60
seta g_mSaberDMGYellowOverheadMin 2
seta g_mSaberDMGYellowOverheadMax 80
seta g_mSaberDMGYellowBackMin 2
seta g_mSaberDMGYellowBackMax 25

seta g_mSaberDMGBlueNormal 30
seta g_mSaberDMGBlueLungeMin 2
seta g_mSaberDMGBlueLungeMax 30
seta g_mSaberDMGBlueBackMin 2
seta g_mSaberDMGBlueBackMax 30

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