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Balmora: Aesir Outpost

*Svafa watches the Corolious storm approach. It was a large one, a type that would cover the half of the world. In a minute it would be on them.

Heimdall continues his work. Pounding and shapping metal.

Idun lies down and falls asleep as the med droids administer drugs*

Lowest Plane: Helheim

*Helheim is alight with fire and the ringing of hammers against metal. Before Castle Eljudnir a vast host of demonic forces Gather. Hel stands before them finishing a speech*

Hel: Revenge is at hand. Soon our blades will be awashed in their blood. Go forward and prepare yourselves for battle. Vengenace will be ours....


What is the purpose of the mystical sword the group has found? Where will their quest take them next? What is Hel and this new demon planning?

To Be Continued....

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