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((OOS: You don't have to be human to be a vampire, BD))

Rwos: You're going to what?

Gilian: I don't think you understand this situation. Firstly, in all likelihood many vampires have already gotten off this planet and are on their way to other worlds. Especially with the magic they have. Secondly, if you leave they'll leave too. The only thing that needs to stay on this planet is the center of power that is creating the phenomenon blocking out the sun. With a mage like the one they have, getting past your "security" would be child's play. Thirdly, the spell that's blocking out your sun is spreading. Soon more suns are going to go out...we need to stop it now, while it's still small.

Rwos: We're wasting time here. We can be sure Kvana will stay on this planet for a while, at least. We need to find him while we can. *Rwos steps into the window* Coming?

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